Fort Lauderdale Attorney For Battery Charges


Fort Lauderdale Defense Attorney For Battery Charges

Attorney for Battery Charges in Fort Lauderdale, FL

If you have recently been accused of battery in Fort Lauderdale, the right lawyer can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. You need an attorney who has handled these charges before so that he or she can intervene promptly to investigate the facts of your case and determine the most appropriate avenue to protect your rights going forward.

After Your Arrest In Fort Lauderdale

Immediately after you’re arrested, the police will try to talk to you to learn as much as possible about the situation. You might think that answering them helps to show that you’re cooperating and only enhances the value of your case. Unfortunately, this is not true. The police use this opportunity to glean as much as possible that could later be used to prove your guilt in court. Before speaking to anyone or signing any documents, talk directly with your Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney to get a full understanding of your rights and the best way to proceed.

Types of Battery in Florida

There are three primary types of battery offenses in the state of Florida. The first is known as a battery which involves intentionally and actually striking or touching another person against his or her will or intentionally causing other individual bodily harm.

The second type of offense that you may be accused of in Florida is called aggravated battery. This involves a situation in which a person knowingly or intentionally causes bodily harm, permanent disfigurement, or permanent disability or situations in which you use a deadly weapon.

Finally, battery upon a law enforcement officer involves the intentional and actual striking or touching of a law enforcement officer against his or her will or any situation in which you intentionally caused bodily injury to a law enforcement officer.

When Your Charges are Upgraded to Felonies

A simple battery charge can also be upgraded to a felony in the event that the person accused has a previous battery conviction or a withhold of adjudication. The legislature has significantly increased the period of incarceration and the penalties for certain types of violent crimes such as a battery. This is why it is essential to identify an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney who understands the nuances of the law and can develop a comprehensive defense strategy for you.

There is a lot on the line for your future when you have been accused of a battery charge and this is never something you should minimize or attempt to handle by yourself. The right criminal defense attorney can help evaluate your case from the outset so that you have a defined criminal defense strategy with your best interests in mind.

Get Help Today 

Never hesitate to take action when you have been accused of a battery as your ability to retain an experienced attorney can help you significantly and minimize your concerns about being accused and convicted of such a crime. Waiting too long or giving too much information to the police before you have had an opportunity to talk to your attorney could jeopardize the future of your case and your ability to successfully defend yourself.  


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