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Domestic violence is an extremely broad term, and it encompasses many different types of abuse. Being charged with domestic violence often results in extreme legal consequences and lifelong stigma. Even if no physical violence ever actually took place, you are at risk for a life-changing conviction.

defense lawyer for domestic violence chargesIn the state of Florida, you can be arrested on a charge of domestic violence for a wide variety of actions. These include, but are not limited to, hitting, pushing, making verbal threats, harassing, or limiting the personal freedom of a household member.

Even if no one was left physically harmed, and you think this is all a misunderstanding that your family can handle, these charges need to be taken with the utmost seriousness. You need to contact Leah H. Mayersohn, ESQ, today to schedule a consultation. Reach out 24/7 at 954-400-5000.

Mayersohn Will Help You Navigate Domestic Violence Accusations:

The first step to understanding why you are facing domestic violence charges in Ft. Lauderdale is understanding how the state of Florida defines the crime of domestic violence. Most of us imagine physical abuse when we hear the words domestic violence, and we often imagine a couple in a relationship. However, the term is much more broad and can include:

  • A family member (from a parent to a cousin) that lives in the same home as you
  • A roommate or anyone else who shares a place of residence with you
  • Someone whom you have or potentially have a child with (regardless of current relationship status)
  • A spouse of ex-spouse
  • A child or step-child
  • A girlfriend or boyfriend with whom you live

People are also quick to assume that only men are convicted of domestic violence, and that women have very little to worry about when charged with domestic violence. While men are statistically more likely to be charged with the crime, women are at just as much risk once charged. Women can commit acts of violence and intimidation against men, and individuals in same-sex relationships can commit acts of violence against their partners. The most common types of domestic violence include:

  • domestic violence defense attorneyAssault
     – Causing serious physical injury with or without a weapon
  • Strangulation
     – Intentionally impeding the breathing of another pursue by pressure to the throat or covering the nose/mouth
  • Aggravated Harassment
     – Making verbal threats and/or making physical contact (shove, kick, slap) with someone
  • Stalking and Menacing
     – Appearing at a person’s place of work/home, causing mental distress, and/or continuing communication after being told to stop

The reason this distinction is important to make is because police officers can often interpret a situation incorrectly. For example, a woman may make the accusation of domestic violence despite being the one inciting physical altercations and abuse towards her male partner. If you are ever arrested on any type of domestic-violence charge—whether those charges are justified or not in your eyes—you need to make it a priority to reach out to Leah H. Mayersohn immediately. Our team can help you understand your charges and prepare a rigorous defense. With the experience of a former prosecutor, Leah H. Mayersohn knows hot to protect your rights. 

Don’t Wait to Contact Leah H. Mayersohn About Your Domestic Violence Charges! 

Leaving your future and freedom up to chance is simply not an option. Contact F.t Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Leah H. Mayersohn right now. The more time our team has to review your case, the better your outcome will be. Mrs. Mayersohn will begin the process with a simple conversion to learn the details of your case. Attorney Mayersohn will then be able to offer you the legal information you need to make the best decision for your case. If you choose to work our team, we will start to gather evidence and prepare the strongest defense possible for your case.

If you would like to reach us quickly and directly, please reach out 24/7 at 954-400-5000.

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