What Are My Defense Options When Accused of Securities Fraud?

Being accused of a violation of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 is a serious situation. This is the first piece of federal legislation that was designed to regulate the transaction of securities and primarily focuses on a registration of statements associated with securities within publicly traded companies. It can be very overwhelming to be […]

What Does It Mean to Say That You Are a Target for White Collar Crime Allegations?

You could be under suspicion in relation to white collar crime, but this does not always mean that you’ll end up with criminal charges pressed against you. Knowing the difference between the different kinds of claims can make a big difference in how you proceed with your case. Being accused of a white collar crime […]

What Does an Accused Person Need to Know About the Florida Grand Jury?

Going through the criminal justice process can be difficult to understand at best and overwhelming and anxiety provoking at worst. Recognizing the roles that parties and groups play in the management of your criminal case is important. And retaining a criminal defense attorney who knows the lay of the land is extremely helpful for helping […]

Understanding White Collar Criminal Allegations in the State of Florida

Facing any type of crime should prompt you to retain a criminal defense attorney immediately, but it is also extremely important to recognize when white collar crimes can have a damaging impact on your future. It is a huge mistake to assume that because you are under investigation for a white collar crime, that you […]

What to Do If You’re Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence?

Being accused of any crime is an unwelcome experience, but being accused of domestic violence can have far-reaching implications for you and your family. You must be prepared to know what to do if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence.   Being able to handle the situation in a calm manner can make […]

What You Should Know About Florida’s Most Commonly Charged Violent Crimes

Violent crimes involve criminal offenses, using violence or the threat of force. They may also even involve the mere threat of force or violence, even if that threat was not pursued by the person accused. The term violent crime in the state of Florida covers a broad spectrum of offenses, including simple assault, sexual assault, […]

Scheme to Defraud in FL: What You Must Know

Understanding a scheme to defraud in Florida — if you have recently been accused of a scheme to defraud in Florida, it is imperative that you retain experienced legal representation as soon as possible. There are three primary elements associated with a violation of Florida Statute 817.034, also known as a scheme to defraud. The […]

Do I Have Any Defenses to Driving with a Suspended License?

If you have recently been informed that you are being accused of a crime or another violation associated with driving with a suspended license, you need to take action quickly to figure out the most appropriate way to proceed. There are possible defenses to driving with a suspended license, but you need to take action […]

Stay Safe During a Fort Lauderdale Spring Break

Police officers are gearing up for a busy spring break season where there is more attention directed to criminal activity. Fort Lauderdale spring break brings plenty of tourists and visitors to the area. However, it can also increase the chances that someone may be hurt in a serious accident or accused of a crime. Unfortunately, […]