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As with any other crime, it is a serious matter to be accused of bank fraud in the state of Florida. If you are convicted of this crime, you could be facing significant penalties and this is why it is important that you protect your rights by hiring an experienced attorney as soon as possible after you have been accused. It is never easy to find yourself in this situation and it is likely that you have many questions about your future.

With more financial crimes gaining traction in the news arena, it’s more important than ever to take such charges seriously. If you believe that you are being improperly accused or charged with crimes surrounding bank fraud, you need to take necessary steps to protect yourself going forward. That includes hiring a Fort Lauderdale bank fraud defense lawyer. Your lawyer should be retained as soon as possible to protect your rights and fight for you over the duration of your case.

Federal Statute

Federal bank fraud statutes are outlined in 18 USC 1344. Bank fraud is being taken more seriously on a state and federal level due to the fact that financial institutions are losing a large deal of money associated with:

  • Bad checks
  • Deceptively entering false bank envelopes for small loans.
  • Using someone else’s account number.
  • Fraudulently obtaining securities.
  • Identity theft.

Bank Fraud is classified in the Federal Statutes as any individual who knowingly defrauds or schemes a financial institution, credit agency or bank. The fines for bank fraud in Florida can go as high as $1 million and you could be facing up to 30 years in prison as well in the event that you are found guilty. Since the fines and penalties are so serious for bank fraud, you need an attorney who understands this complicated area of the law and can help you move forward with your protection as soon as possible. You will need a reputable fraud attorney if you have been accused of:

  • Using employees in false transactions
  • Constructing false companies for the purpose of theft
  • Fraudulent accounting
  • Forgery
  • Altered checks
  • Fraudulent wire transfers
  • Stolen credit cards

All of these are serious allegations and require the prompt intervention by a knowledgeable attorney who can investigate the case and determine all possible avenues in your defense. There are numerous different defenses to bank fraud charges in Florida, but you need an attorney who has handled cases like this before, who can help advise you of the most appropriate way to proceed to protect your rights. There is a lot on the line about your future when you have been accused of bank fraud, so do not hesitate to find an attorney.


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