Charged With A DUI? What Next?

Law Enforcement Stopped You For A DUI? What Happens Next?

If you’re stopped for the suspicion of a DUI, your emotions can run high and the situation can escalate pretty quickly. The good news is that you can control some of what happens by keeping your composure and ensuring that you cooperate to an extent that you do not incriminate yourself as a result of excessive nervousness and anxiety.

Remain Cooperative and Cordial

It is always best to remain cordial with law enforcement, you do not want to appear to be uncooperative, things can only get worse if you are perceived to be under the influence and also belligerent which can easily exasperate the situation. Let the officer do his or her job, do not reach for anything other than the wheel.  Keeping your hands on the wheel and waiting for the officer to make requests is important.

The officer will let you know what he or she needs and when. Once they have asked for your license and registration, you can then allow yourself to reach for the glove box or console, wherever it may be that your identification and documents are stored. Law enforcement can often be an intense job and therefore, any sudden moves are not recommended.

Less Is More

When it comes to a DUI Stop, less is always more.  Answer any necessary questions but do not volunteer any admissions of guilt. Your words, as is often repeated, can and will be used against you.  Keeping this in mind, there is no need to comment on “where and when” if the answer can be used against you.

Get Help With Your Fort Lauderdale DUI Charges

A DUI Charge will become part of your permanent record.  A DUI Conviction will become part of a permanent criminal record that will affect and follow you into your future.  It is vital to get help as early as possible so that you can begin mounting your defense against the DUI charge.  An experienced and qualified Florida DUI Attorney can go over your case details and the circumstances surrounding your arrest and strategize how best to defend you and protect your future.  Call Mayersohn Law Group for help now.

What You Need To Know About A DUI Arrest

Were You Arrested For A DUI In South Florida?

When you get a glimpse of a law enforcement vehicle behind you while out on the road, the experience can be unnerving.  When that vehicle is accompanied by flashing lights, every nerve is on its end.  You automatically assume that those lights are meant for you and, if unfortunately, those lights are meant for you, the next best thing that you can do is pull-over as calmly as possible.  If you are pulled over on suspicion of a DUI, you may feel like you have lost control however, you can salvage much by how you handle what comes next.

Comply But Remember, Less Is More

First and foremost, your words can later be used against you so it is important that while you cooperate in order to stay safe and keep the situation from escalating, you do not need to offer additional information that may later be used to help convict you of the charges.  You have rights under the law so, it’s important to remember that you can answer basic questions to indicate to law enforcement that you are cooperating, but anything more in-depth than being cooperative and cordial may spell trouble later.

What Comes Next?

After being arrested for your DUI, you will be taken for processing.  Later you will face your arraignment and learn more about the extent of the charges against you.  The charges will depend on the circumstances surrounding your initial traffic stop and the events that transpired as a result of that stop. Did they suspect that you were intoxicated or impaired? Did they ask you to take a field sobriety test? Did you comply with a Sobriety test? All of the events surrounding your arrest will be called into the arraignment and you may be facing more than one charge.

Speak With A DUI Attorney As Soon As Possible

You will have the opportunity to speak to an attorney, at that point, it is important that you speak to a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney who understands Florida DUI laws.  It is important that you begin to strategize on your defense immediately to stay ahead of your DUI Charges.  Contact Mayersohn Law Group today to learn how we can help you.

Were You Arrested For Shoplifting?

Here’s What You Need To Know About Shoplifting Charges

Shoplifting may not seem like a serious charge compared to other criminal charges, however, if you were arrested for Shoplifting, you can rest assured that the arrest will appear on your record as would any other criminal charge. Regardless of how minimal a shoplifting charge may seem, there is potential for jail time, fines and even community service.

In addition, jail time, fines and penalties will be incremental based on the number of charges and charge classifications. Very often, an arrest is accompanied by more than one offense therefore, it is very possible that you could be faced with more charges. Due to the latter, in order to protect yourself and your future, it is important that you speak to a Criminal Defense attorney immediately in order to preserve your name, reputation, and future.

Retail Theft Charges

Shoplifting is a theft crime that is referred to as Retail Theft in the state of Florida.   Retail theft can ultimately be categorized as either Petit Theft or Grand Theft, the latter depends on the value of the stolen property as well as any prior offenses.  Depending on the value of the theft, you could be facing either misdemeanor charges or a felony charge. In addition, you may face probation or up to five years in jail as well as fines and monetary penalties. 

Possible Defenses to Shoplifting Charges:

  • A lapse in judgment: The defendant forgot to pay for the item before leaving the store and did not intend to steal the item.
  • You have the Wrong Guy: The defendant is not the actual person who committed the theft and this is a case of mistaken identity.

Get Help Today

Shoplifting charges can stain your record and reputation and affect your future, employment and as a result, your quality of life.  It is up to you to defend yourself and the best way to do that is to get help from an experienced Criminal Defense attorney.  Contact our office today to learn more about how we may be able to help you.

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What Should You Do If You’re Asked to Submit to a Roadside Sobriety Test in FL?

If you’re pulled over on suspicion of driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol, a law enforcement officer may ask you to perform field sobriety tests. Here’s what you need to know about roadside sobriety tests and whether or not you have the right in Florida to decline them. 

Roadside Sobriety Tests Defined 

Roadside sobriety tests are meant to help officers determine if a person is driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. During the tests, officers will look for signs of intoxication, such as the inability to maintain balance, slurred speech, or difficulty remembering how to do the test. The three standard roadside sobriety tests in Florida include: 

Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus 

A horizontal gaze nystagmus test is designed to detect the presence of temporary “shakiness” of the eyes that can be caused by alcohol or drugs. During the test, you’ll be asked to follow an object or light with your eyes without turning your head. 

Walk & Turn 

A walk and turn test involves walking in a straight line for a number of steps, heel-to-toe. The police officer then asks you to pivot and walk back in a straight line for the same number of steps. Usually, the officer will use the painted yellow line on the right side of the road for this test. 

One Leg Stand 

During the one leg stand test, you will be asked to hold your leg up with your foot just a short distance from the ground and maintain balance on the other leg for a number of seconds. The officer may ask you to repeat the test with the other leg. 

Do You Have the Right to Decline Roadside Sobriety Tests in Florida?

In Florida, it’s perfectly legal for you to decline a roadside sobriety test. 

Roadside sobriety tests are highly inaccurate and it’s typically in your best interest to decline to submit to one if you are pulled over on suspicion of drinking and driving. The results themselves are subjective, and many people have failed these tests while stone-cold sober. 

Reach Out to an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer Now 

If you’ve been taken into custody after a DUI arrest, it’s important that you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, especially if you failed a field sobriety test. At the Mayersohn Law Group, our office can help you challenge the validity and accuracy of the tests. Call now for a consultation at 954-765-1900.


How Should I Handle Being Under Investigation for A White Collar Crime?

Suspected Of A White Collar Crime?

Do you suspect that you are already being investigated for possible commission of a white collar crime? If this applies to your case, you need to be prepared with how to respond and the importance of getting experienced criminal defense representation immediately. Most people underestimate the potential impact of this investigation and panic, being willing to cooperate with investigators as soon as possible.

This is why one of the first steps you should take is to hire an attorney who has a substantial white collar or federal experience. Work with your attorney to determine what is going on. You need to get a better sense of the subject area under investigation and what happened.

Has The Government Reached Out?

If the government has already reached out to you about this investigation, be aware that already have your name and that you have some status within this investigation. Your criminal investigator could then reach out to the prosecutor or the agent assigned to the case to learn more about the government’s investigation and the government should also be informed at that point in time that you are represented by an attorney. Therefore, the agent should only reach out to your lawyer and not you.

Have You Been Subpoenaed?

It will be slightly more difficult if the government has not already reached out to you. If you heard from a former business partner, for example, that they were served with a subpoena, you might want to speak with your criminal defense attorney about whether or not reaching out to the prosecution or agent makes sense. You need to gather as much information as possible with the help of your attorney. Your lawyer should begin their own investigation as soon as possible to discover more about what the government might have and what this could mean against you.

Call For Help Today

Always let your lawyer do your talking for you. Never call up anyone involved in the investigation and begin talking to them providing any details or responses to questions that they ask. This could become especially problematic for you if you make comments that did not need to be made and put yourself in a more difficult situation. You need to have someone at your side to advise you about what to expect.    


What Should I Do If I Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence in Florida?

Domestic Violence Charges In Florida

A fight that got out of hand or a person who is trying to place the blame on you for a heated argument that went two ways can put your individual reputation or even your freedom at risk. This is what happens when the police are called to a domestic situation or when a loved one accuses you of domestic violence in the state of Florida.

Have you been accused of the crime of domestic violence in Florida? You cannot afford to wait to get experienced criminal representation. A Fort Lauderdale domestic violence defense attorney is there to advise you about your rights and to verify the strength of the alleged evidence on the part of the prosecution.

Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges In Florida

Engaging in a Fort Lauderdale domestic violence defense lawyer immediately after being accused will give you much more peace of mind about what to anticipate and common mistakes to avoid. Unfortunately, because domestic violence is on the rise throughout Florida and around the country, there are basic guidelines you need to follow if you have been accused. What seems like a minor mistake after being arrested could haunt you for a long time. Domestic violence can include aggravated battery, sexual battery, aggravated assault, aggravated stalking, false imprisonment, kidnapping, or criminal offenses that lead to physical injury or death of a household or family member.

Wait For Guidance From Your Attorney

Do not tell the police anything about what happened when you have been arrested. Do not sign any written statements and beware that if a restraining order has been applied in your case, that you should not reach out to the victim under any circumstances. As soon as possible after you have been accused of domestic violence, you need to express your right to speak to your Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney immediately.

Protect Yourself

The police must provide you with this opportunity, and they might try to get you to cooperate by providing additional information directly to them, but you should not do this until you have had a chance to speak directly to your lawyer. This helps to avoid common mistakes and to protect your reputation and your freedom.  

What Should My Next Steps Be if I Have Been Accused of Insider Trading?

Do you know what to do if you’re under investigation for a crime? Do you understand all your options and possible next steps? If you don’t know how to react, you could find yourself dealing with serious problems. Take any charge or investigation to your criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Any type of white collar crime comes with significant consequences. This is particularly true if you have a previous criminal record. You need to take the situation seriously and retain a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney immediately if you intend to protect your freedom.

The same is true if you are accused of insider trading, one of the forms of white collar crime. Insider trading carries possibly severe consequences if you are convicted of the crime.

Insider trading involves selling or buying a security by any person who has non-public or insider knowledge of that security. It can also involve passing along this insider knowledge to a person who then sells or buys this security. In order to be convicted of insider trading, you must have actually bought or sold that stock.

An insider requires a specific definition, such as an employee, officer or director of the company. The prosecution must take several steps in order to show that the actions were illegal.

For example, the prosecution must establish that the person who has been charged was given non-public information from an inside individual who knew that he or she was disclosing illegally and that the person who received the tip or information knew that this was outside the bounds of legality.

Insider trading can even extend to analysts or journalists with claims of misappropriation of information. A person, such as an analyst or a journalist might have access to sensitive details and passes this information along. An individual who receives this insider information and uses it to buy or sell a stock could be convicted of insider trading.

If you have been accused of insider trading and have already been formally charged, you need to establish a relationship with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.  

Will the Same Defense Strategies Be Used for Every White Collar Crime?

Being accused of a white collar crime requires the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney who is very familiar with the white collar crime process. The truth is that the criminal defense strategy selected by your lawyer will vary based on the specifics of your case, but you should always retain someone who is familiar with white collar allegations and investigations.

Many different defense strategies exist for white collar crimes and your experienced Florida white collar crimes defense attorney can help you. White collar crimes tend to be less straightforward and simple when compared with violent crimes.

This means that you need an attorney who is thoroughly experienced in defending against these charges.

Some of the most common defense strategies available to you include alleging coercion, demonstrating lack of knowledge about the unlawful activity, illustrating lack of intent to commit a crime, focusing on poking holes in the case, particularly when the evidence brought by the prosecution is not strong, situations in which the victim might also be guilty, cases that exceed the statute of limitations, exploring plea bargain opportunities with the help of your Florida criminal defense attorney, entrapment, and more.

Your lawyer might want to have a chance to look at all the evidence and the specifics of your case before deciding which strategy is right for you. This is a good way to ensure you’ve considered all possible aspects of your plan to fight for your freedom and work towards avoiding any criminal penalties.

Choosing which criminal defense strategy is most appropriate for your case requires a careful analysis of the evidence brought by the other side and an exploration of what you need to know going forward. The support of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney is vital if you want to protect your freedom and develop a long term plan for protecting your interests.    

What Makes a Criminal Charge a White Collar Crime?

Although the laws in the United States do not specifically recognize the category of crimes known as white collar crimes, this category does indeed exist and is helpful in determining the support of an experienced criminal defense attorney should you need representation in court.

Some of the most common features of white collar crimes include the lack of physical violence in committing a crime and use of deception or abuse of a position of trust. Practical considerations figure into the classification of a crime as white collar. As an example, the prosecution investigation in defense of white collar criminal cases are quite different from traditional street crime criminal charges.

It is also more likely for a defendant who has been accused of a white collar crime to get pre-trial release than when compared with a defendant who has been charged with a violent crime. This is largely due to the basic differences in the nature of the crime and the background of the defendants.

A defendant in a white collar crime case, for example, might not have a previous criminal record. White collar crimes tend to be prosecuted by some of the more senior and advanced attorneys in a prosecutor’s office because of the challenging and complex legal issues involved.

This makes it all the more important to retain the services of an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who understands what is required in putting together a comprehensive case on your behalf. Schedule a consultation with an attorney who knows the lay of the land when it comes to white collar crimes and can advise you about how to avoid some of the most common missteps and omissions in your case.


What Are My Defense Options When Accused of Securities Fraud?

Being accused of a violation of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 is a serious situation. This is the first piece of federal legislation that was designed to regulate the transaction of securities and primarily focuses on a registration of statements associated with securities within publicly traded companies.

It can be very overwhelming to be accused of securities fraud, particularly since your reputation and your career may be on the line.

Various different types of securities and exchange fraud exist including insider trading, pump and dump, turning and outsider training.

Defense against securities fraud requires a comprehensive understanding of this aspect of the law. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands how government investigations operate. You further need the support of a criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable about crafting strong defenses regarding securities fraud charges. The prosecution typically must be able to show that the accused person recklessly or intentionally misinterpreted or omitted information and that as a result of this information, the investor relied upon it reasonably and this led to a financial loss.

However, one possible criminal defense strategy could be to show that the loss was not as a result of the information relied upon by the investor or if the defendant can show that he or she did not negligently or intentionally act. Having a knowledgeable attorney retained on your side sooner rather than later greatly increases your chances of being able to move on from a securities fraud allegation. You need to have evidence in your corner and the support of an attorney who is not scared to refute these charges and to do everything possible to protect your best interests when your future is on the line.