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Being accused of an assault in Florida is an unwelcome experience and one that requires a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to represent you. Anyone who is convicted in the state of Florida could be facing significant legal penalties. It is essential to identify an attorney as soon as possible after an arrest, charge or an investigation. The criminal legal procedures in Florida can be confusing and overwhelming for someone who has recently been accused.

A person who has been accused may minimize the potential impacts on their life and not take their case seriously, thus jeopardizing their future. Your future reputation and opportunities could be impacted seriously by a conviction. You need a knowledgeable Fort Lauderdale defense attorney to help you determine your next steps when you find yourself in this situation.

Battery Versus Assault

The phrase “assault and battery” is referenced often, however, it can lead to confusion as it relates to Florida state laws. Assault is a distinct crime from the battery in the state of Florida. While the battery is an intentional and actual strike or a touch of an another individual against their will or intentionally causing another person bodily harm, assault is an unlawful intentional threat to do harm to another person, which leads the other individual to believe that violence is imminent. This means that it can happen when a person intentionally threatens another and the victim has reasonable suspicion to believe that the aggressor will follow through on such a threat.

Allegations Made Against You

This means that the crime can happen even if there is no physical contact between you and the person alleging the accusation. You may be facing both charges from one incident. There are penalties in Florida for a conviction. For the majority of people who are facing second degree misdemeanor assault charges for the first time are looking at penalties of fines up to $500 and up to 60 days spent in jail. You may also have felony assault level charges levied against you.

Whether charged as a misdemeanor or felony will depend on the individual facts of the situation and this is why it is imperative to hire a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney as soon as possible after you have been accused of protecting yourself. You may not understand the full implications of all of the charges or how an investigation is moving forward until you have spoken to an attorney.

Charged On The Felony Level

You could also be charged with felony-level aggravated assault in Florida. This is classified under the Florida statute section 784.021, which occurs when you commit an assault with the intent to commit a felony or with a deadly weapon. You may also be facing aggravated assault charges in addition to other charges associated with the same events. If you are charged with aggravated assault, this is a third-degree felony and you could be facing up to $5000 in fines and up to five years in prison.

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Assault charges in Florida are serious no matter the facts in your case and you should take them seriously by retaining an experienced criminal defense lawyer you can trust.

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