What You Need to Know About Mounting a Bank Fraud Defense

Have you already been accused of bank fraud? If so, you need a lawyer who can help you prepare right away. The prosecution will likely have a lot of lead time in a case like this, but you cannot ignore the opportunities to protect yourself.

Hiring an experienced Fort Lauderdale bank fraud defense attorney should be the first thing you do after you suspect that you are under investigation for bank fraud or after you have been formally charged. Anyone accused of bank fraud crimes in Florida is protected by the U.S. Constitution and is considered innocent until proven guilty. Bank fraud is defined as attempting to execute or executing any scheme that obtains credits, monies or other property under the control of a financial institution through fraudulent or false pretenses or any scheme that attempts to defraud a financial institution.

With maximum fines of $1 million and decades in prison at stake, it is important to know the value of mooning a proper bank fraud defense. Prosecutors and law enforcement cannot engage in the legal searches or seizures affecting those associated with bank fraud charges and anyone who has been accused has the right not to incriminate themselves and to retain an attorney as soon as possible. Many criminal defendants, especially those who are currently under investigation for bank fraud, don’t have a comprehensive understanding of their constitutional rights and do not know how to navigate the justice system effectively.

Claims associated with bank fraud can be high stakes and complex as prosecutors may do everything possible to seize assets prior to the establishment of a trial. This means that a defendant may be struggling to protect any of their property while mounting a case to defend against these critical criminal charges. The right attorney is a vital asset when preparing a defense involving bank fraud. With so much on the line for your future, you cannot afford to leave this to chance. You need a Fort Lauderdale attorney who is highly experienced with managing bank fraud allegations to begin preparing your defense immediately.