South Florida Resident Loses Luxury Home Construction Appeal

Palm Beach Home-Building Lawsuit

Updated 06-09-2021

South Florida homeowner Donald A. Burns sued the town of Palm Beach for denying his plans to build a modern-style luxury home on his beachfront property at the North End of the island. The court determined that the city did not violate the First Amendment rights of Mr. Burns when it denied his request to build a domicile that would be in striking contrast to other houses in the area. 

The Palm Beach Architectural Commission has long maintained that its architecture should be reasonably well coordinated and the court supported this policy when it ruled against the plaintiff. Mr. Burns then appealed the case to a higher court in the state, suggesting his luxury home design did not violate code, but did not have success at overturning the decision. 

On Appeal

The appeals court also upheld that Palm Beach has the right to deny homeowners the ability to build out-of-character homes or other structures that would appear out-of-place in the area. Additionally, the appeals court determined that Burns’ 14th Amendment rights were also not violated when the town reviewed the architectural plans for his luxury, contemporary-style home; the lower court did not deny his right to due process and had given him a reasonable amount of time to present supporting arguments.  

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Being embroiled in real estate litigation is costly, especially when you’re already shelling out so much for the building process in the first place. As a property owner, you expect to be able to construct the luxury home or other structure you want. After all, that’s one of the biggest draws of being a homeowner — the lack of authority over the style and build of your home. 

If you’ve had your home design or construction plans denied, or you’ve been contacted by your HOA or another authority about your property demanding you make a change to your luxury property, you may benefit from legal assistance. 

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