Golf Car DUI

Driving A Golf Car While Under The Influence

Golf is a great sport and it’s easy to get carried away at the club but what happens if you find yourself behind the wheel of a Golf Cart after an accident?

Some of you may have heard of someone drinking while out for a game on the course. Golf Cart DUI is a reality that is brought to the forefront regularly and often makes the weekend news. Allegations that a local resident was under the influence after a Golf Cart crash are not unusual in Florida. Being accused of a DUI is not an easy position to be in and it is something that can happen to anyone, whether it be a common motor vehicle, a motorcycle, or even a golf cart. What happens if you get into an accident with a Golf Cart and are accused of driving under the influence?

DUI Charges And Penalties In Florida

If you are accused of Driving Under The Influence in Florida, you may be facing serious penalties, possible charges, and license suspension.   DUI is a very serious offense and it can be life-altering as well as costly.

It’s important to note that any DUI in Florida that involves injury to another party as a result of driving under the influence has the possibility of facing Felony DUI charges.

Play It Safe

So before you decide to have a drink at the Golf Course, aside from the actual club rules which may not even allow drinking on the course, play it safe.  If this is something that is allowed at your particular club, have another party who is not a part of the game locked in as your driver, grab an Uber or simply do not get behind any wheel of any vehicle, conventional or otherwise.

Get Help

If you or someone you know has been involved in a DUI Golf Cart Accident and needs help, speak to a qualified DUI Criminal Defense attorney as early as possible and learn about your options.