Potential Defenses Against Money Laundering — A White Collar Crime


What You Need To Know About White Collar Crime

Money laundering, the mainstay of White Collar Crime, is a serious charge. If convicted, you can spend years in jail, depending on how much money was involved. Also, you will have a permanent criminal record, be ordered to pay high fines, and more.

In order to defend yourself against these charges, it’s critical that you work with a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Here are some examples of successful defenses against money laundering charges and how to protect your rights under the law.

Not Enough Evidence

A common defense is that there’s not enough evidence to convict you beyond the shadow of a doubt. To prove money laundering, the illegal funds are traced to their original source. Additionally, you must prove that the original source was an illegal activity. This is often difficult for prosecutors to do.


If you or your family were threatened with death or bodily by another person participating in the crime, you can argue that you committed the crime under duress. Depending on the circumstances of your case, there is a small possibility that the charges are dropped completely when arguing duress. But, more often than not, a successful duress argument results in reduced charges.

You Did Not Intend to Launder Money

As with any crime, it is necessary for prosecutors to prove that you intended to commit the crime. In fact, in the absence of intent, it’s difficult for the charges to stick. In some cases, a person who launders money is not aware that the source of the money was an illegal activity. If you are unaware of what was happening or you had no intent to launder money, you could have the charges dismissed.

Seasoned Criminal Defense

All of these defenses — and more — require a seasoned criminal defense lawyer. The attorney will help you gather the evidence to strengthen your case and combat the evidence presented against you by the prosecution. At Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense, we believe that the Constitution affords everyone the right to a strong defense, no matter the crime. We commit to presenting your case in the best possible light to increase your chances of a dismissal or reduced charges.

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