Charged With A DUI? What Next?

Law Enforcement Stopped You For A DUI? What Happens Next?

If you’re stopped for the suspicion of a DUI, your emotions can run high and the situation can escalate pretty quickly. The good news is that you can control some of what happens by keeping your composure and ensuring that you cooperate to an extent that you do not incriminate yourself as a result of excessive nervousness and anxiety.

Remain Cooperative and Cordial

It is always best to remain cordial with law enforcement, you do not want to appear to be uncooperative, things can only get worse if you are perceived to be under the influence and also belligerent which can easily exasperate the situation. Let the officer do his or her job, do not reach for anything other than the wheel.  Keeping your hands on the wheel and waiting for the officer to make requests is important.

The officer will let you know what he or she needs and when. Once they have asked for your license and registration, you can then allow yourself to reach for the glove box or console, wherever it may be that your identification and documents are stored. Law enforcement can often be an intense job and therefore, any sudden moves are not recommended.

Do Not Overshare

When it comes to a DUI Stop, answer any necessary questions but do not volunteer any admissions of guilt. Your words, as is often repeated, can and will be used against you.  Keeping this in mind, there is no need to comment on “where and when” if the answer can be used against you.

Get Help With Your Fort Lauderdale DUI Charges

A DUI Charge will become part of your permanent record.  A DUI Conviction will become part of a permanent criminal record that will affect and follow you into your future.  It is vital to get help as early as possible so that you can begin mounting your defense against the DUI charge.  An experienced and qualified Florida DUI Attorney can go over your case details and the circumstances surrounding your arrest and strategize how best to defend you and protect your future.  Call Mayersohn Law Group for help now.