What You Need To Know About A DUI Arrest

Were You Arrested For A DUI In South Florida?

When you get a glimpse of a law enforcement vehicle behind you while out on the road, the experience can be unnerving.  When that vehicle is accompanied by flashing lights, every nerve is on its end.  You automatically assume that those lights are meant for you and, if unfortunately, those lights are meant for you, the next best thing that you can do is pull-over as calmly as possible.  If you are pulled over on suspicion of a DUI, you may feel like you have lost control however, you can salvage much by how you handle what comes next.

Comply But Remember, Less Is More

First and foremost, your words can later be used against you so it is important that while you cooperate in order to stay safe and keep the situation from escalating, you do not need to offer additional information that may later be used to help convict you of the charges.  You have rights under the law so, it’s important to remember that you can answer basic questions to indicate to law enforcement that you are cooperating, but anything more in-depth than being cooperative and cordial may spell trouble later.

What Comes Next?

After being arrested for your DUI, you will be taken for processing.  Later you will face your arraignment and learn more about the extent of the charges against you.  The charges will depend on the circumstances surrounding your initial traffic stop and the events that transpired as a result of that stop. Did they suspect that you were intoxicated or impaired? Did they ask you to take a field sobriety test? Did you comply with a Sobriety test? All of the events surrounding your arrest will be called into the arraignment and you may be facing more than one charge.

Speak With A DUI Attorney As Soon As Possible

You will have the opportunity to speak to an attorney, at that point, it is important that you speak to a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney who understands Florida DUI laws.  It is important that you begin to strategize on your defense immediately to stay ahead of your DUI Charges.  Contact Mayersohn Law Group today to learn how we can help you.