Criminal Charges In Florida

The Consequences Of Criminal Allegations

Many situations can culminate in circumstances where one may find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Regardless of our classifications in social or societal normals. It does not matter what your level of education is, what professional title you hold, or your place of residence. Any one person can either be in the wrong place at the wrong time or be susceptible to a mistake that leads to an arrest.  Depending on what those circumstances are, it is possible to have severe fines, penalties, and imprisonment imposed on you.

Your Rights And Your Freedom

Your freedom may depend on the help of an experienced Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer.  The fact is, you cannot expect law enforcement to guide you to a favorable outcome as your interests and their interests are not the same. A qualified defense attorney will relay your rights to you, investigate and comb over all of the facts that lead to your arrest and strategize on how best to defend you.

Common Criminal Charges In Florida

Law Enforcement is tough on suspected criminals and the accused in the state of Florida. This means that you may have been in a situation or part of a situation that could be perceived as criminal activity.  The most common criminal charges in Florida are related to drug charges, including, abuse of drugs, trafficking, and possession. In addition to those crimes, DUI, Assault, and theft are commonly on the radar.

Drug crimes most notably at the center–can cause havoc on an individual.  Facing drug charges in Florida can mean that you are facing very harsh charges and even penalties that become mandatory under the law. Drug charges do not have much leniency.  The same is true for Theft Crimes which can encompass crimes like misappropriation or even conversion or larceny.

Get Immediate Assistance With Fighting Your Criminal Charges

Both Drug and Theft crimes can result in misdemeanor or felony charges, and both are incremental with the charges. It is vital that you speak to a Florida Criminal Defense Attorney immediately as both theft and drug crimes carry serious consequences that will alter your life and future. Get ahead of your defense by speaking to our office today.