How Should I Handle Being Under Investigation for A White Collar Crime?

Suspected Of A White Collar Crime?

Do you suspect that you are already being investigated for possible commission of a white collar crime? If this applies to your case, you need to be prepared with how to respond and the importance of getting experienced criminal defense representation immediately. Most people underestimate the potential impact of this investigation and panic, being willing to cooperate with investigators as soon as possible.

This is why one of the first steps you should take is to hire an attorney who has a substantial white collar or federal experience. Work with your attorney to determine what is going on. You need to get a better sense of the subject area under investigation and what happened.

Has The Government Reached Out?

If the government has already reached out to you about this investigation, be aware that already have your name and that you have some status within this investigation. Your criminal investigator could then reach out to the prosecutor or the agent assigned to the case to learn more about the government’s investigation and the government should also be informed at that point in time that you are represented by an attorney. Therefore, the agent should only reach out to your lawyer and not you.

Have You Been Subpoenaed?

It will be slightly more difficult if the government has not already reached out to you. If you heard from a former business partner, for example, that they were served with a subpoena, you might want to speak with your criminal defense attorney about whether or not reaching out to the prosecution or agent makes sense. You need to gather as much information as possible with the help of your attorney. Your lawyer should begin their own investigation as soon as possible to discover more about what the government might have and what this could mean against you.

Call For Help Today

Always let your lawyer do your talking for you. Never call up anyone involved in the investigation and begin talking to them providing any details or responses to questions that they ask. This could become especially problematic for you if you make comments that did not need to be made and put yourself in a more difficult situation. You need to have someone at your side to advise you about what to expect.