What Should I Do If I Have Been Accused of Domestic Violence in Florida?

Domestic Violence Charges In Florida

A fight that got out of hand or a person who is trying to place the blame on you for a heated argument that went two ways can put your individual reputation or even your freedom at risk. This is what happens when the police are called to a domestic situation or when a loved one accuses you of domestic violence in the state of Florida.

Have you been accused of the crime of domestic violence in Florida? You cannot afford to wait to get experienced criminal representation. A Fort Lauderdale domestic violence defense attorney is there to advise you about your rights and to verify the strength of the alleged evidence on the part of the prosecution.

Defending Against Domestic Violence Charges In Florida

Engaging in a Fort Lauderdale domestic violence defense lawyer immediately after being accused will give you much more peace of mind about what to anticipate and common mistakes to avoid. Unfortunately, because domestic violence is on the rise throughout Florida and around the country, there are basic guidelines you need to follow if you have been accused. What seems like a minor mistake after being arrested could haunt you for a long time. Domestic violence can include aggravated battery, sexual battery, aggravated assault, aggravated stalking, false imprisonment, kidnapping, or criminal offenses that lead to physical injury or death of a household or family member.

Wait For Guidance From Your Attorney

Do not tell the police anything about what happened when you have been arrested. Do not sign any written statements and beware that if a restraining order has been applied in your case, that you should not reach out to the victim under any circumstances. As soon as possible after you have been accused of domestic violence, you need to express your right to speak to your Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney immediately.

Protect Yourself

The police must provide you with this opportunity, and they might try to get you to cooperate by providing additional information directly to them, but you should not do this until you have had a chance to speak directly to your lawyer. This helps to avoid common mistakes and to protect your reputation and your freedom.