Do I Have Any Defenses to Driving with a Suspended License?

If you have recently been informed that you are being accused of a crime or another violation associated with driving with a suspended license, you need to take action quickly to figure out the most appropriate way to proceed. There are possible defenses to driving with a suspended license, but you need to take action immediately and hire a lawyer who has been practicing in this field for numerous years. It can be hard to figure out what to do next when you find yourself in this situation, but the support of an attorney who can help you raise a compelling defense could help you avoid serious consequences. Many strategies and defenses may be available to help you defeat a suspended license charge or to decrease the potential penalties. Examples include:

·      The accused person was not driving at the time.

·      There were legal challenges to question the validity of the traffic stop.

·      The Florida driver’s license had been reinstated or there was adequate reason to believe that it had been reinstated at the time the person was pulled over.

·      The vehicle was not classified as a motor vehicle for the purposes of the Florida driver’s license statute.

·      The accused was not driving on a public highway at the time.

·      The accused did not know the cancellation, suspension or revocation.

When there are no viable defenses available to a charge like this, your criminal defense attorney should look to renegotiate with the prosecution or have the charge amended to no valid Florida driver’s license. This can often happen when you have a minimal driving record to begin with or in which you get a valid Florida driver’s license prior to going forward with trial. An experienced attorney is there to help you for the duration of your claim and you should never minimize the potential consequences of being accused of a crime involving driving on a suspended license. The consequences can be severe.