Florida Prison Population Expected to Increase

If you have recently been accused of a crime in the state of Florida, you need to empower yourself by hiring an experienced Leah criminal defense attorney. According to a report that was recently commissioned by the Florida Senate, the state may have a problem if prison reform is not addressed by the government in coming years. The present population across the state is anticipated to increase as a result of this completed report. The report is known as Data Driven Solutions to Improve Florida’s Criminal Justice System.

More pressure on prisons could lead to staff and bed shortages. It’s also been linked that when more people are inside a prison that further problems regarding conditions and violence may emerge. Some are using the growth in the future prison population in Florida as a call to action for prison reform.

It was carried out by the Director of Policy and Campaigns with the Crime and Justice Institute, The Department of Corrections and the state court system. They found that the prisoner population throughout Florida had increased significantly in last 40 years, more than 370% since the 1970s. The initial report found that the prisoner population has fluctuated around the 1,000 mark during the last ten years. Although the state’s prison population has been on the decline in the last couple of years, low level offenders have benefitted by having procedures in place to assist those on probation. Even with that decrease, two factors have largely offset the efforts to assist low level offenders.

The first is the length of the sentence applied and the second is the amount of time that people end up serving on these sentences. Florida sentence lengths have increased by more than 20% and the amount of time served in the sentences have also increased, putting additional pressure on the prison system that could lead to significant problems in the future if it is not addressed by criminal justice reform. If you have recently been accused of a crime, you can benefit from talking to an experienced lawyer. Long-term problems might lead to more money being spent on the prison population or having to build new prisons.