WalletHub Study Shows That Fort Lauderdale is the Least Safe of 182 Metro Areas in the United States

If there’s an inkling that a place is unsafe and citizens begin complaining to the police, the authorities might pursue alleged crime more zealously. Every person who is accused of a crime, however, does maintain some rights in the U.S. If you’re a citizen or legal resident and were the victim of the police taking things too far in the name of fighting crime, this information might come front and center in your criminal defense case. 

According to a new study completed by WalletHub, Fort Lauderdale comes in dead last in the ranking of the safest metro areas across the country. More than 180 cities were included in this but the primary factor that influenced this ranking was the high rates of traffic fatalities.

The WalletHub looked at multiple ways that an individual might feel insecure or threatened: home and community safety, natural disasters, and financial safety. The home and community safety category looks specifically at various types of crime including murder. If people believe that crime rates are high, they may be hesitant to move to that area or put their children in school there. But it might also lead to the police cracking down on any potential instance of crime. If you’ve been wrongly accused, you need a lawyer. 

Fort Lauderdale came close to the bottom of the list as it related to traffic fatalities per capita but it was also one of the worst cities for financial safety. The implications of this study may affect people who have been accused of crimes. If there’s a perception that an area is less safe, the police may crack down on alleged crimes more significantly and they can pursue these allegations zealously. Since there are so many different factors that could influence the outcome of your criminal case, you need to ensure you have a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney who has a track record of successfully representing people who have been wrongfully accused. There’s a lot on the line when police officers and victims believe that there is a high risk of criminal activity and if you have been wrongfully accused, you need to respond promptly.